About us . . .

We have loved living in Idaho for many years. Our hearts and souls are focused on making our world a little better for all of us. We might be called "libtards" or "Woke" or similar words to put down folks and exclude citizens who want to be inclusive, that care about education and our environment. We don't have all the answers, sometimes we don't even know the right questions but we are smart and we love our world. For lots of different reasons, Idaho has become a Republican State. All the state-wide offices and a majority of the House and Senate are being represented by Republicans who make decisions about our lives everyday. Some of these people are very smart, partriotic and want to make our state a good place for all people. We like those people - but with a closed Republican Primary we found ourselves left out of voting for these good people in the primary. What to do? We could sit on the side-lines and hope the intelligent, caring, good Repbulicans won out, or we could get involved. On May 9th, 2012 the Republicans made it a clear choice - we had to become Republicans to vote in the primary, which in most cases was the general election. In the past they had a term for people like us, they called us "RINO's or Republican In Name Only." This term is used to put voters down who don't agree with "extreme" ideological viewpoints - in other words, if you don't strictly agree with their ideas you are not a "true Republican."

We believe that we get to decide what kind of Republican we are. We follow our own thoughts on whether a women alone has the right to make decisions about her body and health. We believe that education is fundamental to a strong Democray and that the State has a responsibility to fund an excellent school system. We believe that healthcare should not be a profit center. We believe that America is wealthy enough to offer affordable housing to the homeless and indigent. We believe everyone should make a living wage, and we believe that taxes should be fair to all. Term limits have been voted on and passed twice by the voters of Idaho and the Republican Majority in the Idaho Government has voted it down. Like the Republican "Contract with American" that we believe in term limits as did Rep. Helen Chenoweth, who term limited herself in the US House of Representatives after three terms.

Our RINO line of clothing and accessories is our attempt to show our support to Republican politicians that need to know that there are voters who love America and Idaho and are looking for Representatives that represent our intelligent, successful approaches to state and federal goverance. We are proud to be the kind of Republicans that Lincoln would be proud of.